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After years of deeply relating to plants and working with their medicines, I sense I may be beginning to grasp a speck of understanding of the levels and realms of their healing potential. Flower essences have drawn me to engage with their subtle yet powerful messages of healing for many years. Their gifts gently act to assist in raising our consciousness to release habitual thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve, and help strengthen our resolve to choose our responses from a place of deeper inner awareness. Whether our health concerns are physical, psycho-emotional or spiritual, flower essences address the overall patterns of imbalance, acting upon the whole, multi-faceted nature of our “dis-ease” process. Using a single flower or essence combination, they focus on healing all levels of our being. As our world moves deeper into this time of great change and transformation, many alternative healing modalities are stepping up as potent tools and gateways to assist humans in gracefully making the necessary transitions into a new era of peace and equanimity. Plants, gemstones, sound and color are now easily available to show the way to our fullest potential as humans.


As so beautifully described by Dr. Edward Bach, English homeopathic practitioner in the 1930″s, considered to be the father of modern flower essence therapy: “These remedies cure, not by attacking disease, but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of our Higher Nature, in the presence of which disease melts as snow in the sunshine“.

People often confuse flower essences with essential oils. On a continuum of plants and their medicines, essential oils are found at one extreme. Essential oils are concentrated, distilled plant oils whose messages are aromatic, intense and direct. Flower essences are found at the opposite end of the continuum; potent, yes, but subtle in their delivery and gentle in impact. Their healing powers come from the Light energy emitted by a plant’s highest expression, its flower. Traditionally, through the direct activation of the sun’s rays, a flower’s energetic blueprint is released into water and stabilized to form this powerful healing remedy. Each plant has a unique healing signature and theme available through its essence. Taken for a specified time frame, the human Spirit begins to respond to the higher vibration “Spirit” of the plant essence. Old patterns are gently released and new, healthy patterns are introduced and integrated. Ultimately, as each human evolves, our Planet and Universe benefit from the rise in energetic vibration and all of life has increased freedom to thrive.


I recommend flower essences to clients who wish to explore deeper levels into their healing process beyond symptomatic relief. When symptoms finally appear, the dis-ease process has usually been going on undetected for some time. Flower essences address those deeper unexamined levels, facilitating communication with the essence of who we are as beings beyond the physical. With daily use and clear intentions, significant energetic shifts are possible, bringing harmony, balance and blessings into our lives and ultimately the lives of others. In partnership with the light frequencies of the plant kingdom, we are not striving to “fix” anything, but opening to new levels of conscious awakening and wholeness. Remedies are typically preserved with small amounts of either brandy, vinegar, or glycerine and hold their vitality indefinitely. It is preferred they not to be stored in close proximity to electrical appliances that emit electromagnetic frequencies such as televisions, microwaves or computers. Flower essences are safe and effective for adults, children, animals, your houseplants and the environs within and around your home. Their messages are simple, loving and full of grace.

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