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Hello and welcome to Yarrow’s Garden~A Blog. The purpose of this blog is to acquaint you with a wide array of both native and naturalized introduced plants known globally for their medicinal value. My monthly contributions will focus on those plants that occur naturally in the Rocky Mountain regions of North America or those that, with knowledge and patience, can be cultivated in the Western garden and grown as medicine for personal and family use. In addition to both folklore and science-based information, suggestions for garden cultivation, harvesting, medicinal preparation and contemporary uses will be included. **I would like to emphasize that, while common names may be mentioned, botanical nomenclature will be used, in order to ensure accurate identification of each plant being discussed as well as to reduce confusion or other difficulties caused by the use of local, folk or common plant names.

And may it always be understood that self medication is never a substitute

for professional medical care when necessary.

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