~The Three Sisters~

Storytellers in many traditions and customs talk about “The Three Sisters”. July-2012 008The inspiration for this name has come from several cultural origins. In the Mayan healing tradition, the Three Sisters are plants used by traditional healers as they treat and pray for the health of each patient. These plants are basil, marigold and rue. Rosemary isĀ  often also included in healing ceremonies to clear negative energy and cleanse the healer’s hut.

Among the Native American peoples, the Three Sisters represent their early survival foods–corn, beans and squash. The Three Sisters Medicine Garden here in Westcliffe, Colorado is dedicated to these Three Sisters as well, honoring and recognizing these healing plants as medicine and food sustenance offered by Mother Earth.

And lastly, this website recognizes three human sisters. My Mom is the youngest of three sisters, all elders over ninety and all still alive. We dedicate this site to them in gratitude for their fine parenting, so that these healing medicines could be brought to the People.

~Three Sisters Medicine Garden~

Medgardenw-houseMany of the medicines available through Three Sisters Medicine have been grown here on the premises in the Wet Mountain Valley at 8,000 ft. above sea level. The climate can be harsh, the growing season short and often unpredicatable. The plants grown here are truly survivors, with vibrancy that comes from rich, organic soil, strong high altitude sunlight, clean air, blessings from the land, and a commitment to sustainable practices.

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