It is a pleasure to welcome you to my practice and I look forward to working with you in the near future. Below, you will find the policies of Three Sisters Medicine as well as the current fees for our services.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Because we are entering a professional relationship with the intention of strengthening and balancing your essential life energy that can potentially affect your mental and emotional well being, the assurance of privacy is very important.  The quality and viability of our relationship depends upon truthful communication, and it is understood that all interactions during treatment sessions are held in confidence.  May it be understood I will not disclose the contents of communications, treatment or advice made during the course of our professional relationship to anyone, except with your permission. It is also understood that you, the patient, will provide, to the best of your ability, accurate and detailed medical information helpful to the success of the treatment. Self-care instructions and counseling are meant for you personally and not meant as your advice to others who may have a similar condition.

FREEDOM OF CHOICE: Acupuncture, acupressure, preventive stretches and exercises, and nutritional, herbal and lifestyle counseling are considered “experimental” and compliment other medical treatment you may be receiving.  They are not meant to be a substitute for necessary medical treatment. Therapies and advice offered here should not be construed to be a diagnosis or treatment of any disease condition or injury.  All patients are entitled to receive information about the methods of therapy, the techniques used and the duration of therapy, if known. At Three Sisters Medicine you are free and encouraged to seek a second opinion or consult a traditional medical practitioner for any serious condition, as it is your responsibility to make informed decisions about what is best for you. It shall also be known that you are free to terminate treatment at any time and that I reserve the right to terminate or refuse treatment to anyone, at my discretion.

PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT: I am a professionally licensed Acupuncturist, medical herbalist, and hands-on healing practitioner, certified to practice in the State of Colorado. I have extensive training in my field through accredited schools and continue advanced studies with a variety of master teachers. My intention is to provide highest quality services, in a safe and professional manner, to the best of my abilities and judgment.  However, I make absolutely no promises, claims, or guarantees. Your decision to be a patient at Three Sisters Medicine permits us to provide educational and treatment services and releases us from liability in case of an adverse response to the treatment, product, or recommendation.  Additionally, it must be understood that sexual activity in this relationship is never appropriate.

PATIENT RIGHTS: This disclosure is in compliance with the State of Colorado, Department of Regulatory Agencies [DORA], Senate Bill 92-6. All rules and regulations set forth by the Department of Health are strictly adhered to by this clinic, including proper handling and disposal of needles and the sanitation of office equipment and space.  Any complaints or concerns may be made to the Director of the Division of Registrations, DORA, 1560 Broadway, Suite 680, Denver, CO, 80202. Phone: 303.894.2464.

Treatment Protocols

DRESS: Comfortable, loose clothing is preferred. It is important to have access to your abdomen area, so bodysuits, overalls and leotards are not recommended.  If you arrive in work attire, you may bring shorts and a t-shirt or we can use the draping that is provided. PLEASE DO NOT WEAR COLOGNE, AFTERSHAVE, OR USE A SCENTED/DEODORANT SOAP OR HAIRSPRAY THE DAY OF YOUR APPOINTMENT.

FOOD: Have a little something in your stomach when you arrive, but don’t eat a meal just before your appointment. If it has been a while since you have eaten, something light will help with an empty stomach. The most important thing is that food not be an issue.

EXERCISE: Treatments are often very relaxing and balancing, and strenuous “anything” should be avoided for a few hours after your session. Light exercise such as walking, a light meal, or “no plans” is preferred, so that your body can integrate the changes and shifts taking place from your treatment. However, this work is meant to be integrated into your life rather than create restrictions. Moderation and common sense are always appropriate.

APPOINTMENTS: The information that is gathered about you initially is extremely valuable in establishing a correct diagnosis and planning treatments, so expect to spend more time with your first visit.  1.5-2 hours is customary. Follow up visits will usually range from 1.25 hour to 1.5 hours. Expect to schedule 4-8 visits to adequately address your health concerns. I always include opportunities for us to evaluate your progress together and change our strategies if necessary.

~Current Fee Schedule~

Initial visit                               $80.00-100.00

Follow up visits                       $65.00-90.00

Herbal medicine                       Additional

Phone consultation                $20.00 per 15 minute increment

Every effort is made to schedule appropriately and stay reasonably on time. I respect your life and your schedule and I ask the same in return.  Please note, my business is small and can tolerate cancellations best only if they come with 24 hours notice. If appointments are cancelled in less than 24 hours, you can expect to be charged for that appointment time.

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