At Three Sisters Medicine, well-being means experiencing health on all levels, physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual. We are not born with all the skills and tools we need in order to have a life of vitality and fullness. A willingness to make new and healthy choices for ourselves, change habits that no longer serve, and the vigilance and resilience to keep on when the going gets tough–these are the foundational roots of wholehearted living. Based upon the work of Susun Weed, master herbalist and healer of the Wise Woman Tradition, and Dr. Brene Brown, research professor, Social Worker, public speaker and blogger, and wholeheartedness advocate, Three Sisters Medicine integrates both the old and the new in healing traditions as core of healthy living.

Whidbey2012 027Our health and lifestyle coaching embraces these two perspectives in ways that best support your path to wholeness, happiness and abundant living. The willingness to be gentle yet truthful with self and the willingness to change are essential to this healing process. Authenticity, courage and resilience are key to thriving on this Heart-wise path. Spending time connecting in nature, learning contemplative practices such as self-reflection and meditation, yoga or tai chi, honoring a religious path, and/or creative expression are ways to expand awareness of our unique connection with the Web of Life. This knowing brings much wisdom and healing to our essential nature as humans, and helps us to understand in our heart of hearts what healing is–really.

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