On Sunday, July 18, 2015, I received my ordination through the School of Peace, as an Eco-Spiritual, Interfaith Peace Minister. My vision of service focuses on Spiritual coaching and direction for individuals and groups. We have each been given the gift of incarnation, to embrace all of Creation as we explore our path of growth and evolution as humans. We live on the most exquisite  and nourishing Planet, being offered all we need to thrive and be happy.


Join with me to experience your connection with all of Nature through your God-given creative talents. Through nature vigils, labyrinth walks, gardening, writing, merging with the elements, and creating beautiful collage expressions coming directly from your Soul, you will be renewed, energized and supported in manifesting your dreams into reality. Deep inner peace, healing and personal power are cultivated through our conscious connection of our unique place in the Web of Life. Classes, retreats, personal coaching, guided hikes and outdoor contemplative activities serve to awaken and kindle the spark of reconnection with our beloved Mother Earth. Hands on work with the land, developing animal, plant and elemental alliances, working with healing plants, pilgrimage, ceremony and sacred activism encourage creative self-expression, community inclusiveness, and sustainable living. We design guided learning experiences and ceremonies for all individuals and groups wishing to deepen their spiritual Path, regardless of religious orientation or belief.

In January, 2017, I began a 10-month training program in Creative Depth Coaching through the Journey Path Institute as a weaving of my skills and experience in healing, wellness counseling with process art and creativity coaching. Empowering individuals to listen, build relationship with, and give voice to their Soul through mixed media and collage for cultivating personal spiritual evolution. My offerings will, no doubt, shift and change as I travel through the program and discover what my next work is becoming.


An Introduction to SoulCollage®
Put on Your Ruby Slippers and Let the Magic Begin……

“The reflection of the Sun in a dewdrop is no less beautiful than the sun itself, and the mirroring of life in your Soul is no less precious than life itself”.  Kahlil Gibran


When we invite aspects of ourselves to come forth in images and allow them to have a voice, they awaken and become active participants in our life journey. Whether it’s the Dreamer, the Critic, the Happy Child, the Storyteller, the Activist, they will come alive to surprise, inspire and encourage you to embrace the unlimited possibilities of your authentic life.

JOIN US for a fun and inspiring day using found images, to create personal cards that speak the language of your inner world, reflecting the tapestry of your unique inner landscape. No artistic experience is necessary for the Introductory workshop. All supplies are available. You will LOVE your beautiful cards and be happy with the meaning they offer you. What a lovely gift to yourself!


♣WHEN: Saturday, January 14, 2017, 9:30am-3:30pm (arrive by 8:45)
WHERE: West Custer County Library, Main St, Westcliffe, co
INCLUDES: Lunch provided; bring snacks to share (optional). Tea and water provided.
GROUP size limited to 12
LOCAL CONTACT: Christina MacLeod, skyedarter@gmail.com, 719-371-1315
COST: $45 includes supplies.

No other Intro workshops scheduled at this time. Check again later

NEXT ADVANCED (CLOSED) WORKSHOP~ Working with the Mandala

WHEN: Saturday, February 25, 2017, 9:30am-3:30pm (arrive by 8:45)
WHERE: The home studio of Julie Stamper, Westcliffe
INCLUDES: Contribute to a shared lunch, bring snacks to share. Water and tea provided.
BRING: Tools, supplies, images, magazines and creative sense of adventure.
COST: $45. Supplies available at additional cost.
PREREQUISITE: You must have taken an introductory class.



~Grandmother Council~
Saturday, March 25, 2017
West Custer County Library
Westcliffe, CO

Within each of us is a deep well of Wisdom that comes from our Ancestors, our Inner Council. Spend a day in Ceremony and quiet creative play, accessing and engaging with these ancient and universal rhythms we each carry within as Soul memory.

Women around the world are being called to action at this time of great change. Do you hear your unique call? Step out of ordinary time and journey inward, asking your own personal questions and hearing the guidance they wish to share.

Guided by Sylvia Eichmann and Christina MacLeod, both ceremonial leaders and trained SoulCollage® facilitators, travel into the realms of your imagination and inner landscape. No need to have grey hair, be over 50, or be a grandmother yourself!

The morning ceremony will be followed by a simple, nourishing potluck lunch and an afternoon of SoulCollage® card-making. Tools and materials will be available for your use. Cost for the day is $45. Space is limited, so please preregister. Payment is required to hold your space.

Contact Christina MacLeod at skyedarter@gmail.com or 719-371-1315 for details and registration.

“A fantastic tool for self-discovery. Christina has a unique talent for creating a sacred space for the magic of SoulCollage® to take place.” J.D., Wetmore, CO.
“Christina creates a safe and nurturing space for a person to begin excavating the Soul’s wisdom.”   J.B., Westcliffe, CO.

© 2017, Christina MacLeod, MA, MPH, SoulCollage® Facilitator, Licensed Journey Circles™ Facilitator

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