~Integrative Energy Healing–What is that?

TRUE HEALING begins with the understanding that the body possesses innate intelligence that continuously works to return itself to a state of balance and harmony. Space is provided during healing sessions to tap into the body’s own ability to heal itself on all levels–physical, mental/emotional, or spiritual–to return to its Wholeness. Through the application of hands-on techniques such as Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki, and Polarity Therapy systems, traditional acupuncture, herbal remedies and elixirs, or sound, gemstone, and color therapies, a customized healing program is created to best enhance your healing process. The manifestation of external disturbances or symptoms lets us know that an internal energetic imbalance exists. Addressing the underlying mental/emotional or physical imbalance gives way to greater vitality, acceptance, flow and enthusiasm for Life, as symptoms disappear.

~Acupuncture Medicine~

IMG_1869The ancient practice of inserting needles into energetically active body points has brought balance and healing to both humans and animals for centuries. Asian in origin, acupuncture medicine is gaining popularity as a complimentary and natural alternative medical option, whose benefits excel in treating chronic pain and other chronic illnesses. AtThree Sisters Medicine we employ a gentle and comfortable Japanese style acupuncture, using disposable, sterile needles only. Patients relax in a quiet and peaceful environment while treatments are in progress. Acupuncture offers a safe and effective natural option, working well with herbal remedies, appropriate exercise and dietary changes, as well as creating new whole-hearted lifestyle choices.

~Working with Gemstones and Crystals~

The color, geophysical (mineral), metaphysical (energetic), and internal crystalline structures of the gem and mineral kingdom offer subtle yet palpable Light energy available for healing. With clear intention and when one is open to receiving these energies, powerful Universal healing forces are set into motion on both conscious and unconscious levels. Stones are either placed on or beside the body or their energies directed into the meridian pathways through the acupuncture access points. These catalysts for change bring old, unhealthy energy patterns into consciousness for resolution and clearing, ultimately facilitating self-healing and supporting our intention to spiritually evolve.

 ~Sound and Color Healing~

IMG_2004The energy of the human nervous system responds to many kinds of vibrations and Light frequencies, also useful for the purposes of healing. Three Sisters Medicine employs the Acutonics® system of sound healing, working with a wide range of tonal healing intervals using tuning forks. Healing messages are introduced into the body and those vibrational messages serve to re-balance and harmonize the organ and nervous systems of the body, supporting an environment where healing can be optimized.

Light is another potent medium for healing. Three Sisters Medicine employs the Esogetic Colorpuncture® system of healing for re-establishing balance to the body. Using the energetic frequencies of the rainbow and the color wheel, color therapy impacts the nervous system and its pain centers, the endocrine/hormonal system, and works to restore functioning in degenerative conditions. Crystals and gemstones may also be used on the body for their color and energetic healing potential.


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