25. November 2017 · Comments Off on Embracing Spaciousness · Categories: Art as Medicine, Contemplative healing, Self-care

WITH increasing seasonal darkness, it has been a time for me to shift into a slower, more deliberate pace. Time for rest, reflection, and visioning. What of value has come forth in these months of 2017? How have I grown into who I wish to become? What worked and what did not? What is ready to be discarded, released? What wishes to come through me in the upcoming year ahead?

For myself, reflecting on these questions has already begun to create a foundation and an edge for jumping off into new landscapes, new offerings. My deep journeys of 2017 within the Creative Depth Coach certification program have invited me to expand beyond my wildest dreams. Creativity is undoubtedly the juice for a full life. Art-making is mindful medicine giving space for our Soul to have voice and conscious influence in the life choices we make. During the months of quiet and expanding darkness, November, December, and January, I am choosing to take a mini-sabbatical from all but the essentials of life and work. I have already witnessed the emergence of inspiration and images suggesting new pathways and offerings. Personal material has surfaced for deeper healing, allowing me to see the subtle ways I limit and sabotage myself from experiencing my true authentic self and why I am here. All part of the journey.

So I am writing, making art, honoring the ancestral wisdom I carry, working with flower essences, consulting my favorite oracle cards, and inter-weaving personal ceremony. Allowing what wishes to inform and inspire to do so. Doing personal ceremony to release what is no longer of best service to myself or the planet. In this spaciousness, I have learned to trust not knowing and the gifts of patience. A walk with my dog Cedar, pausing to connect with the energy beings of this land, a soothing soak in a hot bath, a nourishing meal. These are what nurture my Heart and Soul at this time. And it is enough. It has been a full year of amazing expansion and birthing new work. The experiences are still being integrated in the silence and solitude I am willing to give myself. Many new and exciting changes are ready to come forward, waiting for right timing, and waiting for my courage to take the leap into the unfamiliar and unknown.

This recent collage image has been the inspiration for much soul searching, asking whether I am ready and enough to embody my own wildness. She looks a bit tentative, uncertain. Behind her are the energies of the landscapes she loves and the canine companionship that has kept her trusting her path. How deeply am I willing to experience my wild Soul? And YOU? Which comfort containers have limited me, kept me small, and which have been necessary to accompany me as my process of expansion unfolds? Many layers unfurling into a spacious pool of wise and compassionate holding. Energies setting the stage for my Soul’s next becoming. I am excited to see what does emerge, acknowledging my readiness to slowly step away from my traditional acupuncture practice into something original and organic, not yet manifest into form. There is a degree of readiness in the collective consciousness for accessing deeper realms of healing. I am poised for what is next.

And so I invite you to do the same. The time is perfect to engage with your deeper yearnings. Gather your wisdom and honor your true nature in whatever ways feel rich and nourishing. In a very short time, the light will begin its return and this sacred opportunity for inner connection will slip away.