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Choosing Clarity vs. Chaos~

Since the recent US presidential election last November, the world as most of us have known it, has turned upside down, leaving many feeling vulnerable, unheard, and no longer important. The negativity, rancor, and disillusionment that comes with this kind of shock has many not knowing what to do with their inner reactions. Anger, resentment and hopelessness abound as people do their necessary (and sometimes careless) venting. We all carry this charged energy within our electro-magnetic fields and, as one person meets another in the course of a day, regardless of what is spoken or consciously perceived, these energetic images imprint upon us, hitchhiking from one person to another. How can we function with clear discernment when these collective energies have latched on without our knowing, and don’t even belong to us personally?

In the same way that we have created hygienic habits of washing our face and hands, brushing and flossing before bed, a simple practice of clearing our electro-magnetic field each evening (and morning I dare say), will help us to tap into our own genuine needs, thoughts, aspirations, responses and allow us to function with greater authenticity. We are able to sleep better, see more deeply into our both inner and outer worlds, and make clearer decisions about where to place our feet on the Path.

Simple Clearing Practices~ “Let all that is unloving, unkind…..”

Use the energy of the physical elements to clear your energy field–air, fire, earth, water.

♣With intention to let go of all that is not yours, take a 15 minute walk in the wind, the rain, the falling snow.
♣Sit in the warmth of the sunshine and ask the sun to bake away all that is not yours.
♣Soak in a sea salt bath or simply shower, seeing and feeling all that is not yours dissolving and floating down the drain.
♣Walk on the Earth, simply asking The Mother to receive from the bottoms of your feet all that no longer serves as you let go of what is not yours.
♣Walk in the energy of the night sky or full moon requesting their assistance in restoring your own unique energy imprint to be the only energy you carry.
♣Use the energy of your breathing and movement to shake off the energies that are not yours through exercise–swim, run, hike, yoga, snowshoe, zumba, dance, etc.

Essential oil blends and flower essences are excellent media for clearing the auric/electro-magnetic field as well as our inner landscape of toxic thoughts and emotions. Oils like sage, citronella, rosemary, juniper, cedar, frankincense, tea tree, lemon grass, lavender–whatever calls to you–can be added to water with a touch of alcohol and used as a spray to clear ones energy. Speaking a prayer of intention and release strengthens the clearing process.

Flower essences can be used by themselves or in combination with essential oils to create potent clearing tools. Yarrow is particularly beneficial for clearing exposure to environmental energy pollutants from radiation, microwaves, and electronic devices. Crab Apple, a Bach flower remedy, is useful for cleansing and clearing of negative thoughts and emotions. Rescue Remedy, Five-Flower Remedy, Soul Support and Desert Crisis Formula are quality commercial preparations that can also be used externally or taken internally to create your own personal intuitive blend for clearing. You can even make a strong herbal tea and use it alone or blended with oils or flower essences as a clearing spray.

Smudging~It is a common practice in many cultures and spiritual traditions to use smoke from sage, cedar, and various tree resins to cleanse and clear a physical space or one’s auric field. Negativity is released with the smoke and sent into the cosmos for purification and re-purposing.

Claiming Your Sacred Space~

Always approach your clearing with intention and a respectful request to the elements, plants, Healing Ancestors, Mother Earth, the Goddess, Angels, or whichever Healing Spirits you work with for your benefit and the benefit of all. Leave your doubts behind and simply begin the practice of regular clearing until it becomes a habit. Finish by sealing your field with a blanket of rainbow colored light. What is within the energetic boundary you have created supports your well being and your Right to Be. It is your sacred space. What is on the outside remains there until and unless you give your permission for that energy to enter. Claim your clear, healthy sacred space for negotiating these challenging times. Without a doubt you will begin to move with greater ease and grace, balance and harmony once you create this consciously sourced practice for yourself. Remember to thank all of the energies that participate in your clearing practice.